What Are The Benefits Of Dong Quai?

Dong Quai is seen as an ideal means during the menopause. Also during menstruation dong quai can help us to alleviate painful symptoms. Dong quai is an herb from Chinese medicine. It has been used for over 2,000 years to treat countless conditions. This ranges from heart problems, lung problems, liver disorders to hormonal problems such as infertility.

Hormone balance

The plant is known for balancing the estrogen. This is also the main reason why this is often used during the menopause. When our estrogen levels decrease or start fluctuating, dong quai will help balance these adjustments. As a result, we experience fewer problems during the menopause.

This also applies to dryness of the vagina. Dong quai contains the properties to wet the vagina in a natural way. This immediately has a major influence on the sexuality of women during the transition.



Depression is often a consequence of low serotonin levels and is therefore accompanied by mood changes or an unfavorable state of mind. The serotonin-enhancing effect of the plant will raise the mood and can help to alleviate symptoms of depression. However, the condition can also be a consequence of the ever-falling or fluctuating estrogen levels in women.

Because the plant is going to help restore the amount of estrogen, a favorable result could also be achieved.

Stimulate blood circulation

The cleansing effect on the plaque that accumulates on the walls of the blood vessels makes it easier for the blood to circulate. This ensures that more oxygen can be transported to the organs, relieving symptoms such as fatigue and headache.

Stimulate breast growth in women

The estrogen-related effect in the body can help with breast growth. With dong quai we can enlarge the breasts in a natural way. Because the breast tissue becomes more sensitive to estrogen and thereby causes the cells to expand in the tissue. Breast enlargement pills with dong quai is seen as one of the most effective natural ways to make the brooks bigger.

Menopause during pregnancy

Because the plant will cause slightly estrogenic effects in the body, it may be extremely suitable for women during the menopause. It will help to avoid many of the symptoms during the menopause. The most important are certainly the hot flashes. They arise due to fluctuations in estrogen. These fluctuations can be absorbed by the action of dong quai. We also see an improved state of mind when using these herbs during the menopause.

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