What is Itching Anyway?

Itching is a nasty irritating sensation on the skin. Nerves are stimulated and give a signal to the brain: you experience itching.
Itching can range from mildly tickling symptoms to severe and persistent itching. Scratching usually makes no sense, but is often an uncontrollable habit that results from itching. Discover More You may or may not have a rash with itching.


What are possible causes of itching?

There are all kinds of itching, and all kinds of different possible causes. Itching can be a completely harmless skin irritation. An incentive that comes one moment and is gone a few seconds later.

it may be that you have a wound or bump and that it itches a bit, or that there is a red rash that causes itching;
it may also be that you have a (food) allergy that is accompanied by itching;
stress can cause itching;
if the kidneys or liver are not functioning properly, you may get itchy;
hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause can also cause itching;
fungal infections or bacterial infections;
insect bites.
Below you can read more about different types of itching and different causes of itching.

Itching due to an allergy

If you are allergic, your immune system reacts violently to harmless substances. An allergic reaction occurs. This can manifest itself in, among other things, a runny nose or a swollen throat, but also, for example, itchy eyes, itchy skin or itchy palate.

The itching can be caused in response to:

certain food. A food allergy or intolerance can also cause itching. Eczema with itching and bumps can sometimes decrease with dietary adjustments. Research from the University of York found that 76% of people who followed a specific diet had fewer symptoms such as itching, acne and fatigue. So it is very worthwhile to delve into this and discuss it with your doctor;
pollen ( hay fever );
chemical substances or other materials; think of a reaction to your watch strap or an allergy to your detergent.

Itching due to athlete’s foot
In the case of athlete’s foot there is a fungal infection of the skin and / or nails of the feet. A fungal infection of the feet also has itching as the main symptom.

Itching due to bugs or insects

Itching due to mosquitoes: a mosquito bump can itch considerably. Mosquito females stab people for their blood the moment they need proteins to produce eggs. Before they suck up the blood, they first inject an anticoagulant to prevent the blood from clotting immediately if it comes outside of the body. This anticoagulant causes an allergic reaction in the skin. This results in the itchy mosquito bump;

Itching of flea bites. The bite of a flea can be very itchy. Fleas are mainly found in pets such as dogs and cats. But when for some reason the dog or cat is not available for the fleas present in the house, these critters sometimes want to offend people;

Itching from head lice or pubic lice: small bugs in your hair that actually don’t belong there can cause itching. There is a lot of head lice especially among children in schools. Children play together and the itchy animals spread quickly with itch on the head as the main complaint.

How To Recognize Foot Warts

You can recognize foot warts quite easily. In this way, they break the normal pattern of the skin. In addition, they are quite soft and can look like a lump or sponge. The center of the foot warts is generally dark, while the rest is more brown or mid-gray. In that respect you can generally recognize them well and you can of course always visit your doctor to be sure that you suffer from foot warts.


Preventing foot warts is important. It is not difficult in itself to get rid of it again, but it is of course so nice not to get involved at all. You can do this by wearing slippers in public places where you can shower. In addition, you can prevent the warts by drying your feet thoroughly and, in particular, ensuring dry skin between the toes. You can ensure that foot warts have as little chance as possible.


The warts on private parts are very annoying for several reasons. This is how it first of all ensures that it does not look nice. In addition, the warts on genitals are also contagious, since they are caused by a virus, just like the regular variant. For that reason, it is wise to contact your doctor in time, since you can ensure proper treatment in this way. It is often a big step to do this, but it can prevent further problems.


The warts on genitals are contagious because they are caused by a virus. In general, the virus is transmitted during sexual contact. However, it may also be that a person with genital warts has dried himself off with a towel, since the virus may then become trapped in it. It is therefore always wise to use your own towel and washcloth when you step in the shower. Of course, it is also wise to use a condom for sexual contact and to give the warts on private parts as little chance as possible.


The treatment of warts on private parts is quite possible. In any case, it is a good idea to contact your doctor quickly. You will then generally receive a cream or liquid that you can apply regularly. That way you can treat the warts and ensure that they do not cause any inconvenience. You can also freeze the warts, scorch them away or even have them removed surgically. The warts on genitals are highly contagious, which makes it at least wise to ensure proper treatment.

Nerve Renew – Natural and Effective Nerve Pain Relief

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Who Should Use Nerve Renew?

Nerve Renew

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Understanding Yeast Infection – It’s Types and Causes

How do you know if you suffer from a yeast infection? A yeast infection, also called candida, can be very annoying and does not always go away. A yeast infection can occur at various places on your body, for example on your feet, on your skin or in your mouth. Also more than half of the women sometimes have to deal with a vaginal yeast infection in her life.

The most familiar forms of yeast infections are:
Vaginal fungus (also called vaginal candida)
Skin fungus (also called ringworm)
Athlete’s foot (also called a swimmer’s eczema)

What is a vaginal fungus?

Women prefer not to talk about it, but at least half of the women sometimes suffer from a vaginal yeast infection. A vaginal yeast infection, also called candida, is an infection of the vagina caused by certain fungal species or yeasts.

A vaginal yeast infection is a fungus that occurs fairly often in women: more than half of the women have experienced it in her life. Important to know: vaginal fungus or candida is not an STD.

A vaginal yeast infection can happen to any woman. This is because fungi and bacteria live in the vagina. That is very normal. There is a natural balance between these fungi and bacteria. Sometimes this balance gets disturbed. Certain fungi can then take the upper hand and a fungal infection develops.

Possible causes of vaginal fungus

Use of antibiotics or other medications
Reduced resistance
Clean too thoroughly with soap
Pregnancy or menstruation

What is skin fungus?

Skin fungus is an infection of the skin that occurs when the skin has been in contact with a fungus or a yeast (candida). It often occurs in the skin folds on our body. Symptoms such as redness, itching, vesicles and flakiness may indicate a skin fungus.

Skin fungus is, like other fungi, a transmissible skin condition.

Skin fungus is not dangerous, but can be annoying. The symptoms are usually accompanied by itching and a burning sensation. A fungal infection does not always cause immediate symptoms, but can also cause symptoms later on (for example as a result of a reduced resistance). The symptoms often worsen in damp or warm weather.

Possible causes of skin fungus

Reduced resistance
The use of certain medicines such as antibiotics
A moist skin, for example due to bad drying or excessive perspiration
The use of soap or shower gel

What is athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot, also known as a swimmer’s eczema, is a fungal infection on your foot that occurs when the skin of the foot has been in contact with fungal spores or yeasts (candida).

Athlete’s foot is very contagious: the incidence of athlete’s foot can easily occur. Especially in a humid, wet environment where molds can expand quickly. Think for example of a swimming pool floor, showers in sports facilities or the sauna.

Athlete’s foot often starts between the little toe and the toe next to it. It can spread to both the top and the bottom of the foot. You will often not notice anything immediately after it has been contaminated with this fungus. Until the skin turns red and itch, especially itchy toes are common. The symptoms often worsen in hot and humid weather.

Possible causes athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is easily transferable. Contamination often occurs in public places such as wet swimming pool floors, showers and / or sauna for example.
Moist feet, for example sweaty feet, are more prone to foot fungi. Fungi can spread faster in a humid, wet environment. Foot fungus may also develop due to poorly ventilating shoes or synthetic socks.

Do you suffer from chapping on the feet or between the toes? Athlete’s foot can nest more easily in chunks on your feet than on healthy, even skin.

Did you know that yeast infections …

Are very contagious? In particular athlete’s foot, you can easily walk into damp areas such as shared showers or swimming pools. Read here how you can prevent athlete’s foot.

The use of deodorant or scented soap can cause a fungal infection on your skin?
It is important to dry your skin, your feet and your vagina thoroughly after showering, washing or exercising.

Strong detergents for your clothes, your socks or your underwear can irritate your skin. Use a mild, odorless detergent to wash your underwear.

Tips for Pectoral Training in the Gym

The development of the pectoral muscles is more than important for all bodybuilding practitioners .

Considered the muscles of manhood, its development brings a sense of well-being, enhanced in turn, by a better physical appearance.

This is a muscle group that, in general, many bodybuilding practitioners find it difficult to develop properly.

For this reason today I bring you some training tips to apply them in their routines and with the help of the exercise guide for total muscle exercises you achieve better results.


The first series of the session is crucial, since this is the moment in which we can give everything.

Choose compound exercises for the development of muscle mass, such as the bench press with bar . Heavy loads are not only used to recruit more muscle fibers but also trigger the production of testosterone.

That is why it is preferable to make heavy sets of bench press when starting a weight training , that is when our energy is at its maximum level; we must avoid the long series, but not those of preheating.

Slow down the recovery time between sets and you will see how those muscles are congested at the end of the session.


The work with weights is ideal for the muscular development of the pectorals.

A typical session starts at the bench and with the bar, and then continues with the rest of the weight exercises.

Using machines can be useful in case of lack of time or when you just start to train in the gym and you need a solid base from which to start developing.


To avoid an abrupt increase in blood pressure do not hold your breath during the execution of chest exercises.

It begins to exhale during the concentric phase, that is, when the point where the movement is most difficult is passed, it is usually halfway through.


In the exercises of Press with bar, try to train always with a range of movement the most complete possible, but without going too far, since this can give rise to injuries on the joint, that is to say do not extend the arms completely upwards.


Generally in the exercises with a bar, when this is done with a wide grip the pectoral works effectively.

However, by varying the separation of the hands in the bars and / or machines, we can make the muscle fibers work differently , obtaining excellent complementary results.

If we take the bar with a wider grip , pectoral muscles will be the most requested.

While a narrower grip results in a greater load on the triceps.