Yeast Infection

The following are tips that help to cure and prevent new candidiasis or Yeast Infection

1. Wash yourself only once a day

The intimate area should only be washed during baths, avoiding showering whenever using the bathroom, as this alters the local pH and favors the proliferation of the fungus that causes candidiasis. Women should also clean the area from front to back, avoiding contamination by feces, using neutral soaps and avoiding the use of tampons.

2. Wear loose clothing

Light and cotton clothes allow the skin to breathe and prevent the candidiasis fungus from developing as much as it does when wearing tight clothing, because the heat of the region favors the proliferation of the fungus.

3. Do not get wet clothes

After the beach or the pool, dry the intimate area and change your clothes as soon as possible, as the humidity helps the fungi to develop more.

4. Always use a condom

The condom must be used during intercourse between pe

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