Best Vitamins for Hair Loss – (Prevention is Better than Cure)

Hair loss is a very big deal to most of us, aesthetically. Although some of us will say bald is sexy, hair loss, especially to women is not really a thing to dig for. As they say, prevention is better than cure, there are ways in order to prevent hair loss. There are some vitamins out there that are essential to keep your hair in tact in your head, where it should belong.

best vitamin for hair growth

Regardless of gender, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you should be watchful if you are getting appropriate amount of vitamins in order to full-force the prevention of hair loss. Opposing to popular conviction, women suffer hair loss as much as men do. Vitamins play an important role to keep us healthy and fit, but only few vitamins can assure as of having prevention from hair fall. Take suitable amounts of these vitamins for hair loss to guarantee that your crowning glory is intact.

Does Folexin Work for hair loss?

Best Vitamins for Hair Loss –

best vitamin for hair growth

Folic Acid

Folic acid is the best and most vital vitamin for hair loss. It has been considered long before as a very important vitamin for women’s health, especially the pregnant women. But little do they know that it also helps in making sure your hair stays where it should belong – on top of your head. Not only that, it also prevents hair loss in the future. Folic acid can be found in nuts and soybeans.

Vitamin A

The second most important vitamin for hair loss is Vitamin A. Vitamin A is found can be found in a lot of foods, predominantly in vegetables, as well as in fruits and organ meats such as liver. Vitamin A helps in promoting good cell growth around the hair follicle, helping the hair not to grow brittle and dry. Vitamin A does not only help in preventing hair loss, but also it helps in maintaining good skin, nails, and vision. To get a good amount of Vitamin, eat lots of carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and salads.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered ad the beauty vitamin. It promotes cell regeneration around the body thus help you look glowing and healthy. Vitamin E helps in preventing hair loss by giving blood circulation a regular flow, which in turns helps to guarantee that the scalp has sufficient blood circulation. Vitamin E can be found in green, leafy vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce, and also can be found in nuts and grains.

Omega 3

You will likely to suffer from rickets and hair loss if you have deficiency in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a kind of vitamin for hair loss that can be manufactured by your body, however, you need essential fatty acids in order for your body to produce that kind of vitamin. One of those essential fatty acids is the Omega 3. Take Omega 3 in order for your body to produce Vitamin D. That way, you can prevent hair loss. Omega- 3 can be found in foods such as tuna and oatmeal.

Vitamins for hair loss prevention are taken either as a supplement or by eating a healthy diet. Consult a physician if you have inquiries about whether if you’re having deficiency with these kinds of vitamins. If you’re nursing and pregnant, take extreme cautions if you’re going to take supplements of these vitamins.

Amazing Green Superfood: Organic Alfalfa and Super

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You know, you’ve been hearing it your entire life from your mama. It affects your energy levels, your mood, your metabolism and your blood sugar levels. Yet, so many of us don’t properly fuel ourselves for the day. We’ll grab a bagel at work or go through the Starbucks drive through for a pastry of some kind. I totally get it! We’re too hurried to remember to take care of ourselves in the morning because we have deadlines and responsibilities.

For those of you that do not have time to think about making your own breakfast and for those of you that do, I have an equally amazing option for you! My green smoothie is the perfect way to pack in as many nutrients that you can imagine with little prep time, and, you can take it to go!

Amazing Green Superfood: Organic Alfalfa and Super

Amazing Green Superfood

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Did I mention that the super high fiber content makes you feel fuller, longer!? This is a great way to maintain and even lose weight because you’ll be satiated after drinking this smoothie. It absolutely holds me over until lunch!

I started making these smoothies when I was beginning my journey to better health. I was still working crazy long hours and had little to no time for myself. I needed something that was inexpensive, quick and offered me a host of nutrients so that I could have the happiest, healthiest and most productive day at work.

New to drinking vegetables? I was too when I first made this! I would recommend easing your way into it. I put far more vegetables in my smoothie to increase my nutrient intake and decrease my sugar intake. I would still recommend that you have more vegetables than fruit. The wonderful thing about these fruit/veggie smoothies is that fruit is so sweet that it often masks any unpleasant taste that you might attribute to ‘drinking vegetables’.

Health Benefits in the ingredients in my Breakfast Superfood Green Smoothie:

Kale has everything you need in a leafy green veggie! Kale truly is king. High in Vitamins A, K and C, Kale also has a good amount of CALCIUM. Kale has a ton of folate which is important for fertility. It is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can consume. Pictured here are two different kinds of kale. Eat any and all kinds of kale at your hearts content!

Also packed with Vitamins A and C and folate, Spinach is high in potassium and iron as well as magnesium and protein. Spinach also contains vitamin K, fiber, phosphorus and thiamine. It’s no wonder why Pop-Eye was so strong!

Also known as strawberry spinach and Roman Kale, Swiss Chard has similar nutritional benefits as spinach and kale. Chard contains more than 300% of your daily value of Vitamin K which helps prevent blood clotting and increases bone strength (ladies)!

You don’t have to be a hippy to eat this superfood! Wheatgrass is a concentrated source of nutrients. It has antioxidants and decreases inflammation. It also contains a chemical that can kill bacterial infections. It helps with respiratory infections such as the common cold. It improves blood sugar disorders and is a great detoxifying food to help the liver eliminate toxins as well as drugs, heavy metals and cancer- causing agents. Because of it’s high levels of chlorophyll, it’s used for alternative cancer treatment programs. Some, but not all of it’s nutrients include vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Amino Acids.

Lemon Juice: I could go on about the health benefits of lemon! Most people would assume that lemon makes your body more acidic. In fact, it does just the opposite. Lemon helps the body maintain a more alkaline composition as opposed to acidic. Acidic bodies are magnets for disease. Free radicals love acidity. Lemon assists your hard working liver in the detoxification and digestion process. It helps your liver eliminate unwanted toxins and waste in your body much more efficiently. It’s high levels of Vitamin C increases collagen production which means healthier glowing skin and hair! It helps your body fight infection and disease and is a blood purifier.

Green Apple: Green apples are super high in antioxidants. They help to have healthy teeth, regulate blood sugar, and keep a steady heart rhythm. They also help in weight loss because they are low in calories and very high in fiber. The high fiber content satiates you and makes you feel fuller, longer!

Kiwifruit: Kiwis are another superfood! They are high in nutrients and low in calories. Kiwis have more vitamin C than most other fruits. One serving of Kiwi (two kiwifruits) have just as much potassium as a Banana with far less sugar! There are many other vital minerals and vitamins packed in this deliciously sweet and cute little fruit! Spoon the insides out (similar to the way you would an avocado). You don’t want to eat the fuzzy skin.

Ginger: This root and spice has been used for centuries in Chinese Medicine. It has SO many healing properties that I wrote a separate post here Fresh ginger adds such a uniquely sweet and delicious flavor to the smoothie. Only put a fingernail size piece into your smoothie so it isn’t overbearing (peel it and chop it from the ginger-root). Some of the benefits of ginger include the improved assimilation and absorption of nutrients. So this little sweet root will help your body properly absorb all of the nutrients you are consuming from the veggies and fruits in this smoothie! It’s a natural anti-inflammatory which can help with menstrual cramps, intestinal inflammation, arthritis, etc

Hemp Seeds and Chia Seeds are both a complete protein that are much more digestible than meat. This means that you get all of the essential amino acids that your body needs! They hardly have a taste and blend so easily. Chia seeds are a gelatinous fiber which catches and carries toxins out of your body (including pesky heavy metals like mercury). Both of these seeds are high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and increase metabolic rate (which can help aid in weight loss).

Plant Based Protein Powder: This protein powder does not contain any artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. It is plant based and easy for your body to digest and assimilate. It also contains spirulina, another awesome superfood.

Home Exercises For Men: How To Do And Care

Practicing physical activities not only serves to put the body in shape, but also provides a better quality of life, health, energy and self-esteem. However, for men who do not have much time and money, the gym is out of the question and this is where exercises at home end up being easier to include in everyday life.





best home workout

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Before resorting to any physical practice, be it at home, on the street or in gyms, it is important that you take some actions.

No matter your age – 20, 30, 40 or more. Women, men, young people, everyone needs to make a physical assessment to make sure they are free to exercise without restriction. Usually, a general practitioner is a suitable professional to consult or, even more specific, a cardiologist, to check the heart.

In addition, you can:

*Seek a health professional if you have problems in a specific area, such as the knee, back, shoulders, etc. – he will be able to offer you indications of physical exercises that do not impact the region,

*Before starting an exercise session, remember to stretch and warm up all muscle groups – this prevents injuries and facilitates blood circulation,

*It is important to do the exercises correctly, not the amount of exercise or weight – do them slowly to make the most of them and not get injured.


body building

Most men, as will probably be your case, aim to gain muscle. However, you may also want to eliminate any bulging tummy or just because you want to improve your life, right?

Exercises –

Luckily, you can take the tips of the 7 exercises below to do them in the comfort of your home and ensure greater disposition and improve your life.


Aerobic exercise so simple and so effective to be done at home by both men and women. Fifteen minutes of exercise already eliminates 180 calories!

For exercise, choose comfortable clothes. On the feet, wear sneakers that have cushioning to avoid friction when jumping (and not cause injury to the joints).

The body must remain straight, looking forward.

The correct way to jump rope is to jump with both feet and, when you touch them on the ground, do this with your toes and with your knees slightly bent.


In particular affecting the thigh and buttocks, the squat is functional by resistance. For men who are used to using loads, you can bet on the use of a 50 cm ball, as a support between the back and the wall and a small ball between the knees to prevent them passing the line of the feet , when flexing.

To do a correct squat is easy: bend your knees, throw your arms forward to maintain balance and always keep your spine straight.

The leg can reach up to a 45 degree angle – this is the limit.


The plank on the ground is an isometric exercise that focuses on the deep trunk muscles, achieving positive results for the abdomen, lower back and back.

You can do it in the living room. Similar to push-ups, position yourself with your face facing the ground, with your torso, hips and legs off the ground, keeping only your toes and forearms in contact with the ground

The spine must be in alignment throughout the exercise, not forgetting that breathing is a key factor.


Keep your arms in line with your chest and open in a position where your elbows bend up to about 90 degrees – your elbows will be facing outward. Hands are flat on the floor.

Flex your elbow until your chest is just two fingers off the floor, returning to the starting position with your arm extension. Remember to keep your upper body firm, not letting your hips fall.

If you don’t feel confident, you can support your knees on the floor.

In addition, contract your abdomen so that there is no injury to your lower back and always do the descents slowly, maintaining resistance while you are descending.


Using a barbell, which should be fixed with total care and safety to avoid accidents, this exercise at home is useful to bring advantages to the biceps, back and abdominal.

There are three different types of footprint on the bar:

Supinated – which is with the palms of your hands facing you,

Pronated – which is with the back of the hands facing you,

Neutral – which is the side grip.

Exercise involves level and stamina, so take it slow if you’re a beginner


Home exercises for men are essential to help prevent and combat various diseases. Want to know what they are?






In addition to these, a physically active lifestyle provides:

1.Improved day-to-day disposition,

2.Improvement in cognitive ability,

3.Emotional stability,

4.Better sleep quality,

5.Better sexual performance,

6.Increased muscle strength,

7.Increased basal metabolism,

8.Improvement of muscle tone,

9.Ensures better self-esteem,

10.Ensures better body posture,

It promotes a greater sense of accomplishment, willpower and discipline.
For all this to work, it is necessary to combine the exercises with a balanced diet. You will soon notice a difference!

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Some Facts About Superfoods

Superfoods is a new name for a category of foods that not only has a high nutritional value but that is also 100% organic and contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. By eating superfoods you would get fitter, get more energy and also lose weight. But is that statement correct or it is just a superfood myth? Which superfoods actually exist and what do the experts say about these foods? Finally, the question can be asked about the advantages and disadvantages of some superfoods and how you can best deal with this new group of food products.

What does the name ‘superfoods’ mean?

By superfoods is meant foods that have a high content of good nutrients and antioxidants. Because these foods are full of important nutrients, they have a positive effect on health. By eating superfoods you can get more energy, promote fat breakdown, prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce skin aging. The risk of the name ‘superfoods’, however, is that this term is not legally defined and can therefore be used freely by everyone. It is therefore possible that one product is to a much lesser extent a ‘superfood’ than the other.

Which foods are superfoods?

A number of examples of foods that are described as superfoods are goji berries, chia seeds, wheatgrass juice, raw chocolate and coconut fat. Seaweed and algae extracts are also called superfoods.

Goji berries

Eating these small, red berries, of which there are hundreds of different varieties, would be good not only for libido, liver and kidneys, but also for mood and various skin conditions. Unfortunately, none of this has yet been scientifically proven. It is now clear that the berries contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants and are perhaps the most nutritious fruits on earth. A disadvantage of these berries is that some species exceed the safe atropine standard of 19 ppb (‘parts per billion’) and that not all substances in the goji berry have yet been established.

Chia seed

These seeds contain a lot of fiber and healthy fats, including alpha-linolenic acid, which is a healthy omega-3 fat. Moreover, they are full of minerals such as manganese, calcium and iron. They would promote the waste process, normalize blood sugar levels and improve bowel movements. However, the seeds are so small and light that they must be eaten in large quantities before the above benefits come into effect. It is not recommended to eat these seeds if you are taking medication that can cause blood thinning or that will cause body fluid to drift away, as the seeds have a blood-thinning effect and can also cause diarrhea.

Raw chocolate

It has been proven that consuming this superfood has demonstrable benefits. For that reason, the FDA has labeled it “healthy”. Raw chocolate is good for the elasticity of the blood vessels because there are many flavonols (antioxidants) in the food. Proof of the beneficial effect of chocolate is especially true for the purer varieties. The purer the chocolate, the better the effect. It is recommended to consume around 10 grams per day. The expectation is that in the future it will turn out that raw chocolate is even better for our body than pure (processed) chocolate, but this has not yet been proven scientifically. A disadvantage is that raw chocolate is very expensive.

Eating Superfoods

The same guidelines actually apply to superfoods as to all other foods: use them in moderation and with sufficient variety. No food contains all the nutrients that the human body needs, so regardless of the positive effects of these foods, it is (still) important to create sufficient variation within your diet.

4 Lies and Truths on How to Grow Breasts!

4 Lies and Truths on How to Grow Breasts! What’s your idea of ​​perfect breasts? Bulky, firm, round…

We can imagine exactly how we want and even the clothes we are going to wear. But soon we returned to reality and the big question arises: how to enlarge the breasts and have it all?

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Living with small breasts is not easy. It is much more than an aesthetic issue, because it affects the way we feel and even how we act.

The fear of wearing a cleavage, the insecurity of going to the beach with friends and the shame of spending the night with that guy you are in love with.

All this because you are unhappy with a part of your body. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one. There are thousands of women in the same situation who are looking for an answer to the question: how to make the breast grow?

After all, how to enlarge the breasts?

4 Lies and Truths on How to Grow Breasts

The desire to enlarge the breasts is very common. Whether for size, age, weight change or even life, such as after having a child or becoming an athlete.

Sometimes it is not just a question of how to make the breasts grow, but also how to make them more proportionate and aligned. Each woman seeks a particularity about breast growth.

And, if you also have doubts about what to do for your breasts to grow, we have found numerous suggestions and even how to enlarge breasts without silicone. This is because there is a promise to teach how to increase breasts naturally.

But there are also the last-minute solutions, even if we do not to be ashamed of that party with friends.

Big breasts for at least one night

Who has never gone crazy to have big breasts and go to a party, for example? Vanessa Lopes is a woman who has many such stories to tell.

Since he was a teenager he suffered from having a small chest. At that time, between 12 and 13 years old, she saw that all her friends had normal breast development, except for her.

Then there was always the friend who made fun of: why do you wear a bra if you don’t have a chest?

Or they said it wasn’t breasts, but mosquito bites. Aside from nicknames, like board, pole, fried egg … At the time she was embarrassed, giggled, but those words stayed in her head.

When Vanessa started wearing her first cupped bras, there were several tricks to increase silicone-free breasts.

Big breasts quickly

One of the oldest tricks that almost every woman has done is the famous sock in the bra. The simplified idea is to place a pair on the side of the breast, making it very straight so that the result is proportional.

But over time, even this ruse won overhauls. The first tip is to wear a bra with a cup size twice as big as yours.

Put it on and use your hands to bring your breasts closer and higher, placing a pair of folded stockings very neat on each bottom side of the bra. This is going to make a difference!

Another option is to put toilet paper or cotton on the bra, looking in the mirror to make sure the two sides are proportional.

Of course, this is all just appearance, getting wet is enough, so be careful!

How to make the big breast wearing a beautiful cup bra

Push up, super bowl, 3D, bowl with mega fill…

There is no lack of nomenclatures for models of bras with the power to make breasts large.

And, for those who have doubts about how to make the breast grow faster, this is a good way out. After all, just button the bra.

And, they have models for all tastes, bulges more or less advantageous. The ideal is not to overdo it and buy your number. That is, nothing to buy number 44 if you use 40.

Escape the falling handles! If possible, use the models with crossed straps on the back, which is more adjusted to the body and increases support.

There is a very nice model that is the balconette. It resembles the “half-cup” type, but has a smaller coverage of the breasts, leaving them more exposed. This gives an illusion that the breasts are slightly larger. But, please, don’t expect a super transformation!

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10 Foods That Help Rejuvenate Your Body And Mind

10 Foods That Help Rejuvenate Your Body And Mind

1. Avocado


This is one of the most alkalizing foods available on the market. Avocados are fruits very rich in vitamin E, which is essential to ensure smoother skin and more silky and shiny hair. It also helps to prevent or delay the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines on the face. It is a food rich in healthy fat, so it also helps prevent heart disease. However, it can be very caloric and should be consumed with care so as not to interfere with the diet. It can be consumed in salads, guacamole or vitamins.

2. Green vegetables Green

vegetables and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, spinach, lettuce, and other green vegetables are highly beneficial to the body. They help to keep body weight low and also have the function of eliminating toxins from the body, so they are foods that rejuvenate. The elimination of excesses and impurities is important because a highly toxic body is like a magnet for all types of diseases that can harm the body.

3. Garlic

This is one of the most important foods provided to humans by nature. The benefits of garlic are numerous. Garlic helps prevent cell degeneration, keeps blood thin and healthy and also prevents heart disease. It is more advantageous when consumed raw. It is an excellent natural seasoning and can be integrated into virtually all savory recipes.

4. Ginger

This root facilitates digestion and is therefore essential for the body. Ginger that has a spicy and burning flavor and keeps the bowel movement in shape, thus allowing good intestinal health. In addition, it also speeds up the metabolism for being thermogenic and also prevents various diseases, such as colds and other problems arising from low immunity. It can be grated in several sweet and savory recipes such as cakes and sauces.

5. Oilseeds

Almonds and cashews are excellent sources of energy for the body. Consuming these foods daily for afternoon snacks or as part of main courses or salads can provide the vitality you need to face a stressful day. They are foods that also rejuvenate because they are rich in healthy fats, strengthening the heart and preventing various diseases. However, as they are caloric, they should be ingested sparingly in a balanced nutritional diet.

6. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in important minerals such as potassium, calcium, proteins and B vitamins. This makes it one of the most powerful rejuvenating foods, in addition to the presence of healthy bacteria to balance the body’s intestinal flora. This bacterium helps in the absorption of nutrients in the intestine and stabilizes the immune system. Prefer natural or Greek versions.

7. Macaroni and brown rice

Carbohydrates are long-term energy foods and should be part of any healthy diet. To avoid white flour, whole grains are an excellent option. Choose to replace normal pasta and rice with brown rice, which have more fiber and help satiate your body more, restoring your energy levels.

8. Melons

Melons are alkalizing foods that provide many nutrients and hydrate the body due to the large amount of water present in their composition. In addition, they also provide the body with the essential fluids it needs to perform various tasks.

9. Water

This is certainly the most important drink to fight aging. Water is one of the best rejuvenating foods, as keeping a body constantly hydrated can help eliminate impurities and provide fluidity to the blood, making the transport of nutrients optimized throughout the body. Thus water is directly related to all the functions of the organism and must be ingested in large quantities every day. At least 8 glasses of filtered water should be consumed on a daily basis.

10. Carrots

Carrots are rich in beta carotene, which helps to cleanse the body of the presence of heavy metals. In addition it is a superfood that can also help to improve vision and make the skin more beautiful, with a natural tan. It can be eaten cooked as an accompaniment to main dishes, grated raw in salads, omelettes, pie filling or even a delicious juice.

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What is Itching Anyway?

Itching is a nasty irritating sensation on the skin. Nerves are stimulated and give a signal to the brain: you experience itching.
Itching can range from mildly tickling symptoms to severe and persistent itching. Scratching usually makes no sense, but is often an uncontrollable habit that results from itching. Discover More You may or may not have a rash with itching.


What are possible causes of itching?

There are all kinds of itching, and all kinds of different possible causes. Itching can be a completely harmless skin irritation. An incentive that comes one moment and is gone a few seconds later.

it may be that you have a wound or bump and that it itches a bit, or that there is a red rash that causes itching;
it may also be that you have a (food) allergy that is accompanied by itching;
stress can cause itching;
if the kidneys or liver are not functioning properly, you may get itchy;
hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause can also cause itching;
fungal infections or bacterial infections;
insect bites.
Below you can read more about different types of itching and different causes of itching.

Itching due to an allergy

If you are allergic, your immune system reacts violently to harmless substances. An allergic reaction occurs. This can manifest itself in, among other things, a runny nose or a swollen throat, but also, for example, itchy eyes, itchy skin or itchy palate.

The itching can be caused in response to:

certain food. A food allergy or intolerance can also cause itching. Eczema with itching and bumps can sometimes decrease with dietary adjustments. Research from the University of York found that 76% of people who followed a specific diet had fewer symptoms such as itching, acne and fatigue. So it is very worthwhile to delve into this and discuss it with your doctor;
pollen ( hay fever );
chemical substances or other materials; think of a reaction to your watch strap or an allergy to your detergent.

Itching due to athlete’s foot
In the case of athlete’s foot there is a fungal infection of the skin and / or nails of the feet. A fungal infection of the feet also has itching as the main symptom.

Itching due to bugs or insects

Itching due to mosquitoes: a mosquito bump can itch considerably. Mosquito females stab people for their blood the moment they need proteins to produce eggs. Before they suck up the blood, they first inject an anticoagulant to prevent the blood from clotting immediately if it comes outside of the body. This anticoagulant causes an allergic reaction in the skin. This results in the itchy mosquito bump;

Itching of flea bites. The bite of a flea can be very itchy. Fleas are mainly found in pets such as dogs and cats. But when for some reason the dog or cat is not available for the fleas present in the house, these critters sometimes want to offend people;

Itching from head lice or pubic lice: small bugs in your hair that actually don’t belong there can cause itching. There is a lot of head lice especially among children in schools. Children play together and the itchy animals spread quickly with itch on the head as the main complaint.